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More than 25 years ago, we started activities in Brazil with the mission of making the relationship between people and their pets as close, pleasant and long as possible.

We were the first company to produce super premium food in Brazil, at a time when there were only imported products in this category. We were visionary in investing in this market segment, anticipating a demand that has been growing exponentially with the increasing presence and importance of pets in Brazilian families.

As a company specializing in high-quality nutrition for dogs and cats, we also pioneered in developing Indoor and Breed-Specific foods in the world. 

We are currently among the largest, most modern and respected pet food companies in Latin America, and we lead the Brazilian market in the specialized channel.

For us, the life quality of pets comes first. Therefore, our food is prepared with the noblest ingredients, carefully selected, following strict quality standards.

With the US market in mind, we developed Natoo, which incorporates PremieRpet’s expertise and strengths to formulas tailor-made to perfectly meet the needs of US consumers. We are proud to have created many of the most trusted pet food recipes in Brazil. Now we are happy to share these exclusive recipes with you!



Our journey fills us with pride and we are pleased to share a little of it with you.
With a permanent focus on the quality of life of pets, we think and develop products with the finest ingredients, carefully selected and following strict quality standards.

We practice sustainability daily in our production and supply chains. We are directed towards conscious consumption at all levels of activity, always prioritizing animal welfare.

Everything is done to always offer the most advanced specialized nutrition, according to the characteristics and lifestyle of each pet.


We practice our Mission

We practice our Mission

To make people's relationship with their pets as close, enjoyable and long-lasting as possible.

Only a company that specializes in high-quality nutrition knows how to make this possible.

We execute our Vision

We execute our Vision

To participate in the love relationship between people and their pets, being the brand chosen to care for this bond for the pets' entire lives.

We apply our Values

We apply our Values

• Innovation;
• Focus on the consumer;
• High quality of products and processes;
• Long-term relationship;
• Commitment to results;
• Development and training of people.

About Natoo

Our slogan: Science for goodness in our pets translates our DNA, our dedication to quality and safety in the food we produce.

With state-of-the-art technology, automated processes, and constant investment in research and development, you have the security and assurance that, every day, we are advancing nutritional science for the well-being of your pet.

Brands and Products Portfolio

Natoo Premier Golden
Our portfolio includes products from the Super Premium segment, with the brand PremieR, and from the Premium Especial segment, with the brands GoldeN and Vitta Natural.

In Brazil, we offer several lines of dry food, wet food and cookies, all sold exclusively in specialized channels, which include pet shops and veterinary clinics.
In Latin America, we offer our line of differentiated cookies and some of our dry foods.

In the United States, the Natoo line offers all the technology and science of our PremieR and GoldeN lines, with products developed especially for the North American market. You have the security and guarantee that, every day, we are advancing in nutritional science for the well-being of your pet.

We are proud to contribute to a healthy life full of great moments. Truly.

We are proud to contribute to a healthy life full of great moments. Truly.

Our Plant

Our first plant was inaugurated in Brazil in 1995 and, throughout the years, we have consolidated an industrial complex that has been receiving constant investments in technology, infrastructure, innovation, and people. We are pioneers in the development of food for Indoor and Specific Breeds in the world.
We are among the largest, most modern and respected pet food companies in Latin America and we lead the Brazilian market in the specialized channel. We develop high quality (or) super premium products that reflect our performance at the forefront of the pet food segment.



Since we started operations, more than two decades ago, we have a unique Nutrition Development Center (NDC) next to our industrial complex, in the city of Dourado, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Creating and maintaining a development center of excellence, for us, goes beyond improving formulations and optimizing the use of ingredients in products. It's also about fostering research and providing pets with the most innovative pet food recipes.

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