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A multidisciplinary and highly qualified professional team, infrastructure and state-of-the-art processes are the essence for the development and formulation of each one of our foods.

The initial stage of developing a product involves extensive research, with a survey of the scientific literature and analysis of the technical feasibility of producing the food. It is an important moment for us to understand the characteristics that the product must have to perfectly meet the demands of pets.

Throughout the process, which also involves partnerships with major universities, all ingredients are carefully selected and evaluated. Palatability, digestibility, metabolism, and food safety tests are only some of the numerous analyses made by researchers in the field of food science, nutrition, and nutrology for dogs and cats.

The studies that precede production and marketing include the careful evaluation of renowned professionals and also of pets, which could not be missing. Only after this the food is made available to the market.



Our NDC has a total area of over 17,000 m2 (17,000 sq ft), where responsible pet guardianship and animal welfare are among the basic premises of its operation.

Our teams of veterinarians, zootechnicians, animal welfare specialists, food scientists, and other professionals work directly in the care of more than 90 dogs and cats that live here.

The entire infrastructure is designed for the care of the animals.
For the dogs, there are parks with green areas, lawns with trees and natural shade, a space with toys, an exercise and leisure area with a swimming pool, a heated rest area, and an outdoor solarium;

In the felines’ area, besides the recreation room, there is also an air-conditioned resting area, quarantines, maternity, solarium, and green area parks with protection screens.

Besides the necessary spaces for bathing and grooming, NDC has a clinical analysis laboratory and its own clinic for check-ups.